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Registration and accounting firm

Registration of companies

Registration of companies
and accounting services

FROM 000 rub
Accounting services

Prepare and submit quarterly
zero-reports to the tax authorities

FROM 1000 rub
Registration of companies cheap

Registration firm only documents
+ legal counseling

FROM 3500 rub
Accounting services cheap

Bookkeeping in 1С system
and preparation and submission
of quarterly accounts to tax authorities

FROM 3500 rub
Registration of companies
all inclusive

Registration firm and documents
+ tax
+ legal counseling

FROM 8500 rub
Accounting services
all inclusive

Bookkeeping in 1С system
and preparation and submission
of quarterly accounts to tax authorities

FROM 4500 rub

   We glad to see you on this website.
   Our accounting company provide services in two directions - Registration firms and Accounting services. First direction “Registration firms” - we help to open new company in Moscow. In second direction – “Accounting services” we provide all range from zero reporting to full accounting service.


First direction is Registration firms. From 1900 rub

   If registration company. - Why Us?

1. Our company has extensive experience in business registration.

2. Impeccable knowledge and experience of our specialists allow to prepare documents as soon as possible. The term of preparation of documents for registration of the LLC is 1 business day!

3. To save time at check-in client, LLC - all necessary documents can be certified by a notary next to our office;

4. We provide services for registration of the LLC citizens and companies;

5. We have a cool and comfortable office;

6. Polite to each customer a free tea or coffee!


Second direction is accounting services. From 1000 rub

    If you search accounting services - we are here! 

    Why choose us?

1. Accountant PAID! You do not need to search for an accountant! WE ARE HERE!

2. You do not need to buy the program 1C, install, configure and update it CHARGE! The program cost 15-20 thousand rubles a year + the cost of installation, configuration, and paid upgrades!

3. Your accountant can get sick, go on vacation, etc. That is, absence from work about 45 days a year! And we're always in touch, we are always in the office, we will always help!

4. In addition to providing accounting services, we advise on legal, tax and personnel issues - you do not need to hire a lawyer and the personnel!

5. The cost of connecting to the electronic delivery of reports through our below. And we have already taken care of it for a long time and hooked up to all its customers, and you also connect a discount of 2!

6. Does your accountant one head, and we have A LOT!

7. We have a courier service - and you do not have time!

8. The cost of our quality accounting services is much lower maintenance staff accountant!

9. We are always available! We are always positive! We have no bad habits! We are engaged in sports! We constantly replenish your knowledge!


    Contact us  and we can help you.

Our contact is:

Phone: (495) 772-11-29

and we have Skype and email